Benefits of Having an Attractive Name Plate for Your Home

Choosing a name plate for your property can be exciting. No matter the type of property you have, be it a barn conversion, a new build home or an old house, choosing the right name plate is important.

Can any home have name?
Maybe your property currently has a street name or number; you can simply add a new name to your house. If you live in an apartment building, make sure you try to visualize how the name plate will be shown and how will it work? Most importantly, always find out if you can display the name plate anywhere within the building.

Does a name really add value to your home?

Name plates don’t add financial value to your home but they can you make your home unique.

Traditional or vintage: Striking name plates offer a vintage or traditional aesthetic look to your property.
High end: Name plates are not only a subject of a house, but also are useful for businesses, vehicles etc. Plates made by metal rather than plastic, are perfect for a high end appearance.
• If you are a business, you would be happy to know that a private name plate can be a great way of advertising your business.

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